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Presenting… The Pandie! (And Other Works)

When I was in my previous blog, I had a mascot for it. A Witch Panda because I love Harry Potter so much. For this new blog though, I figured I needed a new brand mascot and since I wanted it to be essentially me, I asked Art of Maryam to create one for me. So this is the Pandie that I imagined and what I imagined myself if I were transported to an animated land. And yes… I’d have red hair because I can! HAHA

panda (1)

Please DO NOT USE image.

An explanation – I love Ariel’s red hair and if I could, I would dye mine red as well. I liked how she made Pandie with Asian features (she got my mole xD) especially the eyes. Pandies are Pandas who love food and she got that with the chocolate strawberry cake (I LOVE STRAWBERRIES AND CAKE), and since I started to like archery, she was also able to add a bow in there. The outfit is an explorer’s outfit and the nice puffy jacket is a nice touch. I have a similar jacket but in blue! hahaha.

By the way, have you seen her incredible art? Maryam’s art caught my eye when I saw someone share her Disney Princesses with an animated look. I’m very picky with anime art because I wanted it to be more than the big eyes and slim face. I wanted it to have character with clean lines and great coloring and I was just captured by the beauty of art and how simple it is. I like Sakimichan as well on Facebook but hers was too digital and 3D. Maryam’s was better.

Check out her other works. I love Mulan, Merida and Ariel the best. Her Aurora, who I think is the most beautiful Disney princess of all based on the traditional 2D art is also wonderful! Well actually, all of them are beautiful. Check out that improved Anna!


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