I am a Pandie Explorer – A Panda that loves to eat, travel, read, watch, innovate, and basically, live life!

The name’s Tiff K and I have been blogging since 2003 and sharing my life for a few years now but it was only until 2016 when I thought of creating an abode to answer specific lifestyle questions. Where is the best place to eat in Hong Kong? What’s the best method to travel around Europe? Are tiny houses better than big houses? Why are Pandas black and white?

Basically it’s a mythbusters thing except we’re experimenting and exploring the whole world and you get to go with me through all my adventures via this blog.

Every food I’ve tasted, restaurant I’ve visited, cities I’ve explored, all of them have a story to tell and I’m here to share it with you. Take their story in your hands and share it with others as well for the world is strung with beautiful stories.

I will also be reviewing my Pandie experiences using the Pandie method.

Four Pandie Thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍     =   Excellent. Perfect. Must Buy/Try!

Three Pandie Thumbs Up 👍👍👍        =   It’s Good!

Two Pandie Thumbs Up 👍👍                =    Maybe I’d like to try it again sometime. No rush.

One Pandie Thumbs Up 👍                     =    Forget about it.

But Tiff, how do you know they’re Panda thumbs? Well you’re on The Pandie Explorer aren’t you? Haha!

So do follow the world with me, one post at a time. Check out my Instagram page as well for more frequent updates.

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  1. mike says:

    I Have a question for UK VISa: when is the start date of 3 months prior to the date of arrival when applying for visa application

    1. Is it the date start when confirming and submitting your application “online”?


    2.Is it a date start when submitting your documents “personally” to VFS (Philippines)?

    Thank you hope to hear from you.

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