Movie Review: Captain America Civil War (SPOILER FREE sorta)

Okay I don’t normally will post movie reviews on a travel blog, but as a fan, I needed to let this out. My post about Tokyo trip will definitely go out SOON. Btw, my official hashtags for this movie #TeamStark (I love RDJ), #TeamCaptainAmericasBiceps #TeamSpidey

Pandie Rating: 👍👍👍👍


After 3 days and 2 showings, I can now finally write a hopefully objective review (because yes, I am a Marvel fan) for Captain America: Civil War. Sure I may not have been able to watch it on opening night but I will watch it multiple times. In support of these wonderful films and actors, actresses, directors, crew.

I couldn’t decide if I liked this better than the first Russo brothers film, The Winter Soldier because after the first viewing, I felt like Civil War’s plot had gaping holes. I actually didn’t like the first part of the film with the whole Avengers starting in medias res once again. I felt like I missed watching the first episode of a TV show. Winter Soldier’s narrative was just stronger. The movie was fresh on its take as more of an espionage thriller than a superhero movie and with the surplus of superhero movie, your basic viewer could easily get bored.

Superhero movies now have the great task of trying to think out of the box to please average film goers and at the same time, cater to the dreams of every fanboy. It’s not easy but the Russo brothers have done it. So I have decided that I liked Winter Soldier’s narrative but I liked the heart and soul of Civil War more.

I don’t really read a lot of comics but I was fortunate to have read Mark Millar’s Civil War and that was one of the stories that changed my way of how I see superhero comics. When they announced that they’d be doing this storyline, I was actually surprised but also very happy. How could they do this without all the other characters and what about the superhero registration act? Will it look like The Incredibles on the big screen? Thankfully though, while the Russo brothers changed the storyline, they were able to maintain its key elements, In a stroke of genius, instead of the Superhero Registration act, we have the Sokovia Accords that basically confines the Avengers under the rule of the United Nations. And the best thing is that you get the agreement. You get why Tony Stark is for this and you get why Captain America’s against it. Now I don’t want to compare it to BvS but I need to because this is the glaring difference between the two movies. You cared what the characters were fighting for and you’re thrown in this area of gray. It’s very political and it is hard to choose a side.

In the aspects of "war" theme, it isn’t as grandiose as the one in the comics (hello, no Hulk and Thor) but boy do they have one of the best action sequences for ensemble and one-on-one (or one-on-two). Ensemble because they aren’t fighting villains, they’re fighting amongst themselves so it was a joy to see how each character will play their strengths and weaknesses. We also have NEW characters in Black Panther/T’Challa splendidly played by Chadwick Boseman (spot on accent! To think he has an African-American voice). I checked his interviews and I cannot believe how out of character T’Challa is for Chadwick but he nailed it being a super fighter regal prince. That mid-credits scene is such a huge nod to his standalone movie as well. Antman’s involvement is solid but I felt that he should have thought more on why he joined Team Cap but it was so awesome to see ANOTHER side of antman. I never expected that they’d err reveal him through Antman but holy cow, THEY DID! #fangirls

And come on, the Russo brothers and Tom Holland gave us the Spiderman that the fans deserved. A lot of regular viewers must be confused by now because of 3 Spiderman iterations but trust me, when I tell you that Tom Holland is Peter Parker, HE IS PETER PARKER. If you watched the animated series or even the latest comics now, he is that nerdy smart kid that we’ve all been waiting for. Tom has the body type, the personality and the flexibility for it (he is a frigging gymnast!). His British accent never once appeared and I’m sold for it. I AM SOLD. He has one of the best fight scenes as well. And yes, Benjamin Button-ing Aunt May is awesome. They’re both awesome.

Can we please give a standing ovation to the stunt coordinators and visual effects team? I want to give them a high five and just tell them, YOU GUYS DID AN AWESOME JOB. Please give tons of recognition to these guys.

Though I didn’t enjoy some of the CGI in this film. It felt… odd at some points.

Now why does it have full of heart? Because of that last d*mn scene. If you read Civil War, they actually pulled out a panel straight from the comic and right into the screen. It was one of the best moments in the film and I feel like I need a poster of that scene. The last scene culminates Phase 2 and triggers the start of Phase 3. We have divided friends and after learning about some very important fact (which I cannot say), goes head on and the final battle is worthy of the title Civil War. The movie gives weight to each character’s loyalty, friendship, allegiance and philosophy. The Martha moment in BvS could have been done so much better if they saw how Civil War handled theirs. There is a Martha moment as well, in the sense we see the vulnerability and humanity of our characters and the Russo brothers just played it out so beautifully with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr at the helm. Go into this film with no expectations on the villain because even if we have Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo, he isn’t the one in the comics. Just go in and watch a family fall apart (and they wear costumes and shiz). It is really heartbreaking on my 2nd viewing.

There is so much nod to the comic book community because there is flirtation between a supposed pair of soon-to-be lovers, some foreshadowing on what may happen in future and yes, magic is definitely in!

I now am so excited for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Next up is Doctor Strange and I cannot wait to see how he’ll blend in with all of them. Kudos to everyone in the Marvel Studios for creating a franchise with such magnitude. It will now be very difficult for new MCU fans because they have to watch everything in Phase1-2 just to understand Phase 3. It is awesome though for Marvel fans.

So a 4.5 would suffice for this movie. I think I need to watch it another time (and another for Caps’ Biceps just because) just to get a real rating.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Captain America Civil War (SPOILER FREE sorta)

  1. Michelle says:

    Civil War had the heart and soul of any Marvel movie I’ve seen in a long time! I couldn’t agree more with you on this review…and Chris Evans’ aka Cap America’s biceps was delicious XD I’ve been in this MCU since phase 1 and love it. I wanna keep it going!

    • thepandieexplorer says:

      Yes! Do you read the Marvel comics? I’ve only read Civil War but am familiar with most characters so I’m psyched for the rest! Give it to me, Doctor Strange/Benedict Cumberbatch 8D

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