Movie Review: Captain America Civil War (SPOILER FREE sorta)

Okay I don’t normally will post movie reviews on a travel blog, but as a fan, I needed to let this out. My post about Tokyo trip will definitely go out SOON. Btw, my official hashtags for this movie #TeamStark (I love RDJ), #TeamCaptainAmericasBiceps #TeamSpidey

Pandie Rating: 👍👍👍👍


After 3 days and 2 showings, I can now finally write a hopefully objective review (because yes, I am a Marvel fan) for Captain America: Civil War. Sure I may not have been able to watch it on opening night but I will watch it multiple times. In support of these wonderful films and actors, actresses, directors, crew.

I couldn’t decide if I liked this better than the first Russo brothers film, The Winter Soldier because after the first viewing, I felt like Civil War’s plot had gaping holes. I actually didn’t like the first part of the film with the whole Avengers starting in medias res once again. I felt like I missed watching the first episode of a TV show. Winter Soldier’s narrative was just stronger. The movie was fresh on its take as more of an espionage thriller than a superhero movie and with the surplus of superhero movie, your basic viewer could easily get bored.

Superhero movies now have the great task of trying to think out of the box to please average film goers and at the same time, cater to the dreams of every fanboy. It’s not easy but the Russo brothers have done it. So I have decided that I liked Winter Soldier’s narrative but I liked the heart and soul of Civil War more.

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