Get More Savings And Discounts With Shopback! (Plus GIVEAWAY!)

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Everyone knows that online shopping is here to stay. What’s even better is that other than a specific store’s normal sale, you now can check out other sales from other stores at the same time, all in one page. We couldn’t have been born in a better age for shopping!

So I’m now going to teach you how to get even MORE SAVINGS from sites such as Lazada, Ebay, Ensogo, Agoda,  FoodPanda + many more. You can now sign up at Shopback where not only do you get discounts, you even get some of your cash back. It’s as simple as that. Once you have purchased an item, you’ll automatically get some points which are convertible to cash and use this in the next time you purchase. It’s crazy simple and easy to use.

I always say that we should be wise in our purchases and I can’t think of anything wiser than using Shopback in purchasing in sites such as Lazada anymore. Why buy at regular price when you can get it cheaper for the same quality and condition?

Sign up using my link and instantly get when you shop using Shopback:
– At least 1.5% – 4% Cashback on Lazada
– At least 5% Cashback on ZALORA
– At least Php400 Cashback on Agoda
– At least 7% Cashback on foodpanda
– At least 4% Cashback on Ensogo

Check out their bestsellers here but first you have to sign up using this link before you can purchase.

To make it even more fun for you guys, I’ll be giving away one Snapsacks bag of your choice from this photo ONCE I hit 200 shoppers who have purchased using my link. Yup! All you need to do is

  1. Sign up for Shopback using this link.
  2. Purchase ANY item. It can be worth 50php!
  3. Comment “I just bought ___ at Shopback.”

Simple as that 🙂

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Check out this video for more info on Shopback!

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